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Created 28-Dec-11
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The VortexEvening wavesSandstone ColorBandon SpireSouth Coast PinnaclesCoastal MoonscapeMysterious WaveNorth Coast SunsetMid Coast SunsetSeal Rock SunsetBeachwalk SunriseThe InletCalm Sea SunsetMisty PoolJagged ReflectionCrashing WavesAfterglowReceding WaveCloudwaveRed Kiwanda

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ted grand(non-registered)
Hi Vince:
Five of your large wonderful, metal prints are now hung all over my newly renovated house. Your eye has each of my visitors pleased and congratulatory...the categories/themes run across the board from the coast to the Columbia gorge to the Grand Canyon....varied but the same evocation of nature.
Very many thanks,
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